In the Steel of the Night
October 13 2014


We're excited to be debuting our new stainless steel chains at the PMQ night market on 17th and 18th Oct. With this material being much more durable and better for those gentle-skinned folk with allergies, we think they'll be 'steeling' the show! 

We'll be showcasing two styles of 316 stainless steel 40cm chains (short necklaces) and true to our GG philosophy of 'choose your own adventure', a selection of pendants will be available for individual choosing.

What about the science? Stainless steel contains chromium which forms a nice protective barrier to prevent surface corrosion therefore it doesn't rust or stain with water in the same way that regular steel does. If you're like us and have the habit of forgetting to take your jewelry off before jumping in the sea, with the new stainless steel range, this won't matter!