Garosu is a Hong Kong boutique jewelry brand founded by Tammie Tsang in 2013. Initially offering a collection of Korean-designed fashion jewelry, Garosu launched its inaugural collection in 2015, co-designed by Tammie and Chew-Yin Chan. Both being sassy overseas Chinese ladies, they draw inspiration from their rich Asian heritage and Western upbringing. Their influences stem from their stories and they set out to design jewelry that reflects the refined edge of today’s modern woman, of any age. Offering jewelry with class and a healthy dose of attitude, Garosu provides a versatile and chic collection for the independent and fashion-forward woman. This collection beautifully combines Asian, Western and Contemporary elements, perfect for expressing your unique sense of style. 



Modern women today play multiple roles, often simultaneously. There is no time for nonsense with your jewelry. We created both statement and everyday pieces that are wearable, hard-wearing and hypoallergenic, yet won't break the bank. These qualities mean that your jewelry can keep up with your savvy-styling needs and on-the-go lifestyle.

These are just some of Garosu’s values. For our 2015 collection, we collaborated with three incredible women to showcase our pieces. They are three very individual women from different walks of life that all have in common intelligence, strength, and of course, a healthy dose of attitude.

So get in the Garosu spirit, wear Garosu and make your statement.



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