It is important to understand the metal that you wear on your body and this article is meant to provide you with important information before you decide to purchase a Garosu piece.


Our pieces are made with 316L stainless steel and are hypoallergenic, it is the same metal often used for surgical equipment. While surgical steel is hypoallergenic, it does contain about 8% - 12% nickel. However, the nickel is bound tightly within the insides of the steel so the nickel content does not make contact with your skin. 


So, if you don't usually have trouble with hypoallergenic jewelry then you should be fine with Garosu's stainless steel pieces.  However, no one appreciates individual uniqueness as much as we do and we fully understand everyone's skin is different and even then, your skin reactions can change over time.  Past allergic reactions could also come back at anytime. 


If you do get a reaction, some home remedies include use of soothing lotions like Calamine and moisturise regularly.  If it worsens, we suggest to make a visit to your trusted pharmacist or GP. 

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