Chain Troubles




Tangled Chain

The double chains are more prone to tangles and this happens occasionally when they are traveling
or when they're not stored carefully. Don’t worry, these chains unravel pretty quickly; follow the steps below, channeling a little patience.

  1. Undo the clasp, this will free the chains from one side and make it easier when you need to pull it through
  2. Locate the tightest knot and lightly tug on both ends, loosen some of the chains involved with your fingers and pull through to release knot
  3. Repeat if there are other knots and eventually your chain will be straight again
  4. Check out the section on storage


    Twisted Chain

    This usually happens during storage. Hold on to the two sides of the twist, lightly twist in opposite directions. This should be fine after 5-10 twists.

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