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For our Garosu Collection we did not have professional models wear our jewellery but instead collaborated with our Garosu Muses to bring you our inaugural collection Lookbooks showcasing inspired designs and personal stories. We at want to celebrate them to empower the understanding that these women are whoever they want to be, whenever they want to be it and live their realities where ever they go. 



Saba is wearing Armour Ring in Reflective Silver & Cubist Fringe Earrings in Silver

Name: Saba Arat

Age: 27

What does Saba do?: Psychology major, Heavy metal Guitarist, Entrepreneur, and
Masters student in multimedia and entertainment technology.

Her biggest achievement:  Although admittedly still a work in progress, Saba has come to understand and accept that finding a status to fit into society is not necessary for her. And freeing herself from such binding social norms, taboos, ethics and systems of moderns society at an early age has been her biggest achievement yet. 

Her scariest moment ever: When she was 11 and Turkey was hit by an earthquake in 1999. She witnessed a natural disaster and the destruction it brought to her home, her town and the lives of thousands of people. Since then, fearing to lose connection with "where one belongs" she tries not to feel grounded to a single place.



  Jade is wearing Cubist Fringe Earrings and Cubist Naturalist Ring (coming soon)

Name: Jade Chung


What does she do:
Fine Arts student, tattoo artist, bar tender

Her biggest achievement: Jade kicked her eating disorder in the ass!  It began when she was thirteen; her self-image deteriorated from being in a toxic environment and an obsession with reaching an impossible standard of beauty. 

After a long road to recovery with plenty of tears and relapses, with medical attention and the love and support of the people around her, she started working towards loving herself and nursing herself back to health.


Her scariest moment ever: Growing up Jade had everything planned for her: school, university, getting a degree, to have a ‘normal’ job in life. Upon graduating from high school she wanted to explore working as a tattoo artist. As this was not part of the plan her parents suggested to do so while also studying for my degree. Over time, Jade became passionate about pursuing a career in tattooing, but having to manage schoolwork, part time and freelance jobs slowed down her progress.

Jade's belief in her potential and realising the need to dedicate herself to the art led her to telling her parents about her decision to drop out of school to focus on her dream. Making up her mind despite her parent's protest, changing 'the plan' and opening herself up to more possibilities has been her scariest moment yet


 Sylvia is wearing Orbit Dual Necklace 
 Name: Sylvia Tang

Age: 40

What does Sylvia do: Property developer, Mother, Wife, Wine enthusiast, Philanthropist

Her biggest achievement: Her two daughters.

Her scariest moment ever: Sylvia is fearful  of thick green hairless caterpillars, even the mention of them gives her the chills!













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